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SubseaScanning AS is developing its own subsea close range subsea scanner

The development of a subsea scanner is the designated core mission of SubseaScanning AS. Since 2009, field experience within subsea metrology has been gained. An ongoing study of subsea metrology and inspection tools lead to the concept of a high-speed close range subsea scanner. The scanner is to be mounted on a ROV/AUV, or can be diver operated. It is capable of delivering high resolution scans while the platform is in movement – this means, that no tripod is required, and the vehicle/diver does not have to stay still while scanning. Also, no marking of the object is required. The result is a highly accurate and dense point cloud – almost immediately available on board of the vessel and shortly afterwards in the world wide web.

Please see more information in the submenus, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have a request.

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