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The Fraunhofer Organisation from Germany is the major subcontractor of SubseaScanning AS.

SubseaScanning AS is entrusting the Fraunhofer Organisation with the development of the scanner. With 23.000 researchers and scientists employed, an annual research budget of 2billion Euro, and 67 institutes, Fraunhofer is Europe´s largest application oriented research organisation. In 2012, the Fraunhofer organisation made more than 700 inventions, while filing in average more than 1 patent per day. Famous inventions are the audio codec mp3, and the metamorphic triple-junction solar cell, wich holds the world record for solar energy conversion efficiency of 41.1%

The cooperation between SubseaScanning AS and the Fraunhofer means bundling competences. The academic R&D competence and the ultra precision hardware production facility, united with the field experience from subsea metrologies and the network within the industry will revolutionise the way we work subsea.

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