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3D Laserscanning

3D Laserscanning

Terrestrial Laser scanners have become very powerful tools during the last years. Their speed, range, accuracy and point density are impressive, and are rapidly advancing. The key task of 3D laser scanners is to digitise their surroundings. They do so by measuring millions of individual points. Each point is represented by its vertical-angle, its horizontal-angle and its distance. In this way, a scanner transforms its surrounding geometries into a point cloud. This point cloud, consisting of many million coloured points, ends up in a web portal or a powerful 3D-software on the client´s computer. In this way the end-user can perform the actual survey of the scanned objects comfortably and accurately on his desktop, without having to leave his office.

SubseaScanning AS offers consultancy and fieldwork using terrestrial laser scanners. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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