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Monitoring Systems

Monitoring Systems

As space in inhabited areas becomes more and more of a critical factor, constructions such as buildings, tunnels, damns, mines and bridges are moving closer and closer together. In order to ensure the safety of humans, buildings, and nature, monitoring systems are installed. Their mission is to detect any deformations of the monitored structures – whether caused by insufficient quality of the construction-design or -material, or caused by geotechnical hazards such as earthquakes, vulcanic activity, undercuttings or movement of mountains or slopes.

SubseaScanning AS uses GOCA (GPS-based Online Control and Alarm Systems), developed and maintained by the university of Karlsruhe, Germany, to monitor constructions of any size. GOCA is a multi-sensor-system that allows full automation of short-term and permanent monitoring projects. As sensors, DGPS, Totalstations, Waterlevels and Straingauges can be applied. Please read here for a list of project examples (please navigate in the menu to the left). Contact us if you have any questions.

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