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Realtime Surveys

Realtime Surveys

Realtime- or online measurements require a survey instrument that is connected to a PC (e.g. via Bluetooth), running special surveyors software. Any data acquired by the instrument is displayed by the software immediately. This has the essential advantage that the analysis and/or the modelling of the acquired data can be executed on site, and the customer receives the results on site. Furthermore, tracking of a moving object can be virtualised and analysed – relevant distances or angles of the object in relation to a reference object will be calculated and updated automatically. The results can be forwarded to a freeware smartphone application for the customer´s review and interpretation. In this way, distances and angles can be monitored – and an alarm can be set triggered, as soon as minimum distances get endangered.

Laser Trackers, Local GPS, Portable CMM’s, Theodolites, Total Stations and Laser Scanners can be used as survey instruments. All required data will be checked for errors (through  redundancy) and  statistically optimised when used for 3D-modelling.

Realtime measurements are important, whenever feedback is required instantly – for example during installations of structures, where alignment is required. The operator is updated on the relation between the object and its final position in realtime, and can correct angles and distances until the final position is achieved. Another frequent request is the automatisation of repetitive survey tasks such as quality assurance during industrial production processes. Here as well, immediate response is of importance.

SubseaScanning AS offers consultancy and execution of surveys using superior soft- and hardware. This enables us to offer excellent and fast reverse engineering capabilities, and automation functionality. Please contact us for more information.

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