Our Services

SubseaScanning serves the offshore industry with optical surveys above and below surface. The team has strong experience with laser-scanning, photogrammetry and related IT-services.

Services we offer

Our experts are happy to advise, plan and conduct metrologies above and below surface. Contact us.


Subsea Photogrammetry

Close-range Photogrammetry is applied when highly accurate 3 dimensional measurements are to be carried out on the seafloor. Our inhouse developed concept and equipment allows coduct measurements of 120m length in 3000m depth.


Subsea Laser-Scanning

Laser-Scanning in subsea environment is one of our core competences. We offer green-light line laserscanning for inspection, suervey and digitization of subsea structures in up to 3000m depth.


Metrologies on shore

Photogrammetry and Laserscanning are accurate and reliable services that are complementary. We always choose the most applicable survey-method for the task.