Welcome to SubseaScanning!

We are your friendly neighborhood scanning expert. SubseaScanning develops optical survey equipment and conducts 3D-measurements and inspections above and below surface.

Who we are

SubseaScanning AS is a R&D performing SMB, specializing on the development and enhancement of optical survey methods for mobile application. Our team consists of engieneers and scientists, building on subsea surveying experience since 2007.


We conduct underwater metrologies for the offshore industry, aquaculture and cultural heritage and archeology.

Research and Development

We perform research and development, focussing on the enhancement of customer-approved optical survey methods for mobile allplications. subsea photogrammetry, subsea laser-scanning and airborne laser-scanning.


We have a close collaboration with R&D-institutes and R&D performing companies within Europe.

We're part of a cluster that invents and develops technology with a high degree of synergy.
Using the tight relations to the offshore industry in Stavanger,
SubseaScanning executes fieldtests and introduce new technology into the market.